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Brian Hieneman Memorial Page 1963-2006


In memory of our beloved “Mr. H”
Brian Hieneman
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Brian Hieneman Slide Show

Brian Hieneman Memorial Slide
Created in memory of Brian Hieneman, 1963-2006
Scoutmaster, Troop 1523, Annandale, Virginia

-    At the center you will find a combination of the letter B and H to signify that this is Brian Hieneman’s slide.

-    Mr. H. was Scoutmaster of Troop 1523 for only a short time, but his slide will remind us that he is always with us.

-    Enclosed is the Boy Scout flour-de-lis, after all, Brian’s heart was in scouting.

-    In the bottom window, the number 4 and letter L are combined, representing Brian’s personal commitment to “Scouting For Life” and his desire for all his Scouts to do the same.

o     “For Life” carries two meanings--a commitment to scouting over ones entire life and a commitment to the Scout Oath and Law as a way of life.

-    The letters OA and WWW, and the red and white colors, remind us of Brian’s love, support, and commitment to The Order of the Arrow and all it represents.  In recognition of Brian’s cheerful service, the Order bestowed upon him their highest unit award, the Vigil Honor. 

o     WWW will carry a new meaning for you if you are selected to join the Order.

-    Finally, the circle denotes the unselfish brotherly affection Mr. H. gave us all. 

-    Wear this memorial slide with pride.  Use it to remember Brian and to guide your character. 

-    When asked what the slide means, use the symbolism to describe the best in Brian. 

-    If you knew him personally, reflect and let them know what he meant to you.